Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic Dentures are pink plastic dentures used to replace some or even all missing teeth as well as just fill gaps either from the upper or lower jaw or even both. Once called as a tissue borne, these are primarily supported by the gums along the teeth. However, these dentures do not attain stability at higher levels when the plastic component of the denture surrounds the available teeth within the mouth.

There are many benefits of these types of teeth when applied. It is much cheaper to produce though with a less pleasing touch when it comes to its design compared to other types. Therefore, if there are concerns regarding the cost, then this is best recommended because it is very affordable. Another advantage of plastic dentures is when it is used only on a temporary basis or when there is a need to immediately place a denture after the tooth is extracted.

Why Should I Use These?

When these types of dentures are worn, they can increase one’s self esteem and self confidence as it provides a natural facial appearance that can hide the unpleasant flaws within the teeth. A “collapsed” appearance for those with missing teeth is visible because of the fittings of the dentures that provide support on the lips and cheeks.

These Teeth Help With Food Breakdown

By using acrylic dentures, the ability to chew food is improved as it is difficult when there are missing teeth. If the food is not properly and thoroughly, it doesn’t process the right way when inside the digestive system. Therefore, the breakdown of nutrients is only minimal and few nutritional health benefits are gained. On the other hand, if the food is chewed properly, its breakdown is evident within the digestive system and the nutrients are distributed accordingly for health benefits. Plastic/rubber dentures have significant health benefits not only to the teeth, but most importantly to the body as a whole.

acrylic dentures Pronunciation also improves through the use of dentures especially if words that contain fricatives and sibilants are pronounced. Due to the lost of teeth, some often find it difficult to speak clearly with consistency or even to those spoken to, they cannot clearly understand what is being said. Therefore, the use of these dentures is really helpful as what was mentioned that is increases self confidence especially in speaking.

Acrylic dentures are very strong and durable that they can withstand the wear and tear that significantly affects it every day it is being used as its material made out of high-impact plastic/rubber.